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Preconception Care

Maximising Your Health Before Pregnancy

Maximising your chances for a healthy pregnancy starts long before you conceive. Preconception care is about ensuring your body is in the best possible state to support a growing foetus.

It's important for BOTH partners to focus on optimising their health in the months leading up to conception. By taking steps to improve their health and wellbeing in the months leading up to conception, couples can increase their chances of having a healthy pregnancy and baby.

 Frequently Asked Questions About Preconception Care

Why is preconception care important?

Fertility depends on a number of different factors, including hormone levels, overall health, and lifestyle habits. Preparing your body for pregnancy by focusing on preconception care can help increase your chances of conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy.

What are the advantages of preconception care?

By taking steps to care for your health before you become pregnant, you can better understand your menstrual cycle & know the signs of fertility, improve your fertility outcomes by balancing hormones to improve ovulation, improve the quality of sperm and eggs with correct nutrition, lower your risk of miscarriage, ease symptoms of morning sickness, decrease the chance of pre-eclampsia, achieve better birth outcomes including reduced risk of complications such as pre-term labor, low birth weight, and reduce the likelihood of your child developing behavioural issues and allergies such as eczema, asthma, and hay fever.

What types of things are covered by a preconception care plan?

Our Preconception Care Plan is designed improvement the quality of egg and sperm development. Every aspect of reproductive health is dependent on an adequate supply of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids.  The Preconception Care Plan, while improving nutritional status, also involves detoxification and general improvement of all systems of the body. It will also address any underlying conditions impacting fertiity.

When should we start preconception care?

It is best to start a 12 weeks / 3 month preconception plan to start to balance and detoxify beforehand, and be in the best possible state of health.

Other Pregnancy Care Options

Conception Care

Making a healthier baby = healthy sperm and healthy egg!

There are many aspects to consider during this time in your lives. Both you and your partner will be supported  with a combination of different modalilites.

Naturopathy to assess your body status, this may include some additional testing, live blood analysis and nutrition status to be able to determine an individualised plan forward. Nutrition, lifestyle changes also a combination of herbs and vitamin.

Kinesiology to optimise and reduce any physical, mental or emotion stress in the body. Massage to reduce stress and promote flow and circulation.

Pregnancy Care

Your body will go through a number of changes during these 9 months, most importantly your baby is growing and developing day to day and needs the appropriate nutrition every step of the way.

​  Doing the Calmbirth® program a few months before your due date will help you and your partner understand the birthing process and work together as a team. You, your baby and your partner will be supported up to and during labour and birth.

Post-Natal Care

After your baby has arrived your body will be healing and adjusting to new hormones and will need to be supported for the first few months not only through breastfeed but also adjust to the change of hormones, to your baby's rhythms- sleeping, feeding pattern. 

Birthing Kit

The Natural Pregnancy and Childbirth Kit consists of twelve (12) natural remedies designed to help relieve the emotional and physical symptoms experienced during pregnancy and childbirth.

Pregnancy Massage

A comfortable therapeutic treatment designed to reduce stress and anxiety, relieve aches and pains, and decrease swelling, oedema and carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Chris Hibbert

(naturopathy client)

I've gone from feeling burnt out and ready for retirement to having the physical and mental energy to get on with things again. Thanks Madelaine - look forward to our next appointment!


Nerida Chisholm

(myotherapy client)

I have been seeing Madeline for a number of years now because of my Multiple Sclerosis and the aches & pains associated with it.

Madeline listens to me, assesses me & fixes the problem.

I recommend Madeline for any myotherapy needs.


Lisa Croxford

(myotherapy client)

I've been seeing Madelaine for several years now, she is by far the best myotherapist I have ever experienced!

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