Kinesiology helps you find clarity, release obstacles, create better outcomes and live your best life.

Have you ever wanted to change your life, change the way you think, change the things you always get stuck on, change your mindset? Kinesiology can help you to reduce these stressors.

Kinesiology will help you to understand your patterns and give your body and mind another way to possibly reduce your stress response.

Kinesiology works will your body to find the best way to release blockages, helps break old patterns and cycle. It uses muscle testing as biofeedback mechanisms to test the function of the muscles.

Frequently asked questions about kinesiology

What is kinesiology?

Kinesiology works on the subconscious mind, it allows the body to access via muscle testing to create a feedback mechanism and work through the drivers/stressors whether they are physical mental, emotional or energetic.  The outcome is to bring the body into balance again and reduce the stress response.

Kinesiology determines any imbalances within the body, whether they are structural, nutritional, emotional, energetic or meridian. It addresses the root cause of illness or stressor and removes any obstructions that may inhibit the healing process. It does not treat a disease or symptom but rather working with the body as a whole.

What types of problems can be treated with kinesiology?

Kinesiology can assist with a range of issues including nutritional deficiencies, stress (physical, mental and emotional), learning difficulties, digestive complaints, hormonal imbalances, behavioural patterns, insomnia and muscular disorders.

What is involved in a kinesiology consultation?

In your initial consultation Madelaine with spend some time finding out about your lifestyle, nutrition, behaviour pattern so she can have a better understand of your needs and how to best help you during the consultation. She will also discuss with you what you are wanting to achieve from the treatment.

She will then ask you to lie down on the consultation table, fully clothed. Madelaine will initially applying gentle pressure to your arm muscles to tap into the subconscious mind to determine the stressor/s and the priorities to work on, they can be physical, mental or emotional. She will then test and apply a specific technique your body requires to address the stressor. It could be an acupressure, meridian points, muscle reflexes working with your nervous system and towards restoring balance in those systems. She will talk to you about what is presenting to bring it to your conscious awareness, so you are able to easily integrate.

Every kinesiology session is difference as it is specific to you and your needs.

See What Our Clients Have To Say...


Chris Hibbert

(naturopathy client)

I've gone from feeling burnt out and ready for retirement to having the physical and mental energy to get on with things again. Thanks Madelaine - look forward to our next appointment!


Nerida Chisholm

(myotherapy client)

I have been seeing Madeline for a number of years now because of my Multiple Sclerosis and the aches & pains associated with it.

Madeline listens to me, assesses me & fixes the problem.

I recommend Madeline for any myotherapy needs.


Lisa Croxford

(myotherapy client)

I've been seeing Madelaine for several years now, she is by far the best myotherapist I have ever experienced!

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